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Promoting residents’ overall well-being through our array of services
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Our services are personalized based on each resident’s needs. We do this by initially conducting an assessment of their needs. This will help us understand the types and levels of help they require. We will then create a care plan that will be utilized by our staff members as their guide in providing each resident’s assistance. We want to promote our residents’ independence and thus, while we are always here to assist 24/7, we also allow them to do daily activities they can do on their own.

Our care services include the following:

Personal Care Assistance
We understand each of our residents has varying needs. For this reason, we create an individualized resident care plan prior to admission. In this process, we along with family and medical professionals, develop a personalized plan for your loved one.
Medication Management
Only our certified medication technicians (CMT) may dispense medication in our home. CMTs administer and record all medication as prescribed by the residents’ physicians. Our CMTs ensure timely refills and safe storage of all medications.
Daily Meals & Laundry
Each day our staff prepares delicious meals for our residents. Members of our staff are highly aware of the likelihood they may have to make adjustments based on residents’ dietary requirements or taste, and are ready to do so. We also offer regular laundry services for residents’ clothes, linens, curtains, and others.
Light Housekeeping
Light housekeeping allows us to maintain a clean environment that protects our residents from infection and other health issues. It also helps us avoid clutter in their rooms and other living spaces, which may help them avoid accidents, slips, and falls. Our housekeeping staff regularly cleans and disinfects frequently used things and living areas to promote residents’ health and safety.
Memory Care
We take care of individuals dealing with memory disorders, like dementia. Our care staff is trained and experienced in managing their needs and offering them activities that promote their cognitive health. Residents needing memory care have different levels of needs, depending on the onset of their condition. Our care professionals understand this and may adjust the services they offer depending on each resident’s care requirements.
Wellness Services
Many of our residents are dealing with health conditions. We want to help them manage their health and wellness through exercise and other activities that allow them to move and improve their strength and balance. Since each resident has different mobility capabilities, we match their activities based on their capabilities. For those that are taking medications, our CMTs may also remind them about intake schedules and assist them if needed. Should they have dietary restrictions, we also adjust their healthy meals and snacks with these in mind.
Arts, Entertainment, and Community Relations
Fun and enjoyment are an integral part of life. For this reason, we have arts and entertainment activities our residents can take part in. These usually involve activities where they get to bond with other residents through shared experiences. These may come in the form of board games, arts and crafts, and season-themed activities. With these, residents can show their creativity, make friends among other residents, and exercise their cognitive abilities.
Respite Care
We offer respite care services for family members who want to take a break or need to be out of the house for a certain period but also want to ensure that their loved ones are well taken care of. We always see family members’ and their loved ones’ trust as an honor we seek to earn and deserve. And when a family member chooses us as their loved ones’ care provider, even in short durations, we do our best to offer them peace of mind with the knowledge that their loved ones are in capable hands.
Concierge services are designed to make residents’ lives easier. With our concierge staff around, residents can live comfortably due to 24/7 assistance that is always available for them. The concierge services residents may enjoy depend on their needs and preferences and may generally include medication reminders, grooming and hygiene assistance, housekeeping, washing, drying, and folding the laundry, meal preparation, scheduling for transportation, and more.
Our community has its own beauty and barber services that help our residents maintain their grooming routine. The services they may avail in our salon vary, depending on their preferences. They may enjoy hair care services like style, cuts, color, and shampoo and pedicure, manicure, and foot massages. Male residents can avail of shaving and beard trimming.
Should our residents need to go to health appointments and social outings, we can help them find reliable transportation that can get them to and from their destinations safely and on time. We are connected with reputable NEMT companies that are known for their quality service and well-equipped vehicles that can cater to individuals with various levels of mobility needs. Their drivers are all licensed and are experts in driving on the streets and highways around Maryland.

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